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Play as Dong Nguyen, the creator of Flappy Bird, on that fateful day when he decided to pull the plug on his hugely popular game.

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the game doesnt fit my screen how do i fix i

I only really optimized it for 1080p. I'm still learning how to format for different screen sizes. Thanks for the feedback and letting me know!

very great game

Thanks, yeet. I'm glad you liked it!


This was a very clever way to tell the Dong's story. We were glad the game doesn't end if you don't play Flappy Bird well so the full experience can be had by all. We are definitely looking forward to your next project as your creativity really shined here. Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for playing and I'm so glad you liked it

Love the concept and saw your vid on it, but you should of heard my ughs when Mac isn't compatible, sometimes I hate being on a Mac

Dang, sorry about that! I'll have to figure out how to make a mac build. My first attempts were unsuccessful.

just get a virtual computer so windows but its a tab

use wine

Heyya! Love this game as a pretty solid, conceptual art game.

I wanna ask tho, what asset did you use to generate the low poly models?

Hi there, I'm glad you liked it! Here's the asset.


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I really like the concept and potential of this game. But I disagree with the design decision to have a fail-state. The 100 consecutive pipe requirement creates an obstacle course style of gameplay, when the game should really be about one person's inner journey. I would have much preferred if hitting a pipe caused Dong to momentarily stop walking and take a deep breath before continuing onward, allowing time to flow naturally.

Restarting the whole game rips the player out of Dong's POV and distracts from the story being conveyed. But I appreciate you telling this story, and I like the game :)

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to ingest the game and give some feedback. I actually agree with those points. So there are now two modes, one where the player can never lose (they hit the pipe and get the punching sound but it doesn't restart the game) and another where they can lose and it will restart. Good luck on your projects!

Wow, thank you for the update! I just played the story mode and liked it a lot. With your timing of Dong's taps at the very end, you can really feel his pauses and hesitation. I'm glad I get to see how it ends now!

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Excellent, and you're welcome. I didn't playtest the game too much outside myself so all the feedback is helpful!

You are a really creative person, hope you keep on making more and more amazing games moving forward ! One last thing: Would be cool if you added this game on steam. More people would see it, but since the game's content is like that (with a Dev's journey as the plot, I could see why you wouldn't want to share it on that platform. Anyway, good game. 

I haven't played it myself and only saw the video, but if you decide to put this game on steam, I'd suggest leaving Dong's story as a text / speech in the game, possibly before the main game begins. It'd make the game much more enjoyable for the player. 

Good luck, man <3

I'm glad you liked it! I never even thought of putting it on steam. Can I put it on there for free? And thanks for the suggestions!

It's $100 for submitting.


Dong is such a chad. He is part of every game dev's journey.


Just saw your video,  I'm new to the channel. I'd love to see a web build, that would be awesome.

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Thanks for joining and checking the game out, I might could optimize it for a web build but we'll see!


This game is amazing!

Thanks for playing, glad you could beat it! I've only had a couple people play it and some say it's very hard and some not. Not sure how hard to make it haha


Can you make for mac? I dont have a pc :(

Last time I tried a Mac build it didn't work. But, I'll figure it out!


I love this game. But I don't have pc to play this .exe format. Can you possibly turn it to a mobile-accessible-app for android please! This was a very nice idea of showing history of struggles of flappy developer. (And I'd love to donate after I get my salry this month ;] )

I'll have to think on making it for mobile!

that would be so weird mobile on mobile

nice idea man!

Thanks for checking it out. Lemme know how it runs!